About CTY //

My name is Josh and my wife Marina and I are the owners and operators of Crash-Test Yummies. CTY was born out of my obsession for cooking and perfecting dishes, and the realization that I couldn’t spend my life striving to be a leader in someone else’s kitchen. In order to have the freedom to create dishes that I love and want to share with others, I had to run my own show.

Since 2017

How It Started //

My family owns a food distribution company in Winchester, VA, so I was born into the food industry. As I grew up I had several jobs within the company, eventually ending up on the road selling food to restaurants. I saw every type of kitchen imaginable, and it was in those kitchens, bouncing ideas off chefs and helping come up with cool dishes, that I realized my passion was for that side of the industry. I decided to step away from the family business and attended culinary school, where I became classically trained in French cuisine.

After working in a few restaurants knowing I wanted to have my own kitchen, Marina and I decided to buy a cheap used food truck from a bakery in Brooklyn, NY. We didn’t know what we wanted it to be but were certain that my passion would lead us in the right direction. I didn’t want to lock myself into cooking one certain type of cuisine, so the name of our business had to allow for the freedom of my whims. When Crash Test Yummies came to me I knew it was perfect. A crash-test dummy’s sole purpose is to gain knowledge and help create the safest car possible. My whole purpose is to push and question things so that we can create better food. Crash-Test Yummies is essentially a metaphor for our obsession to one-up what we did last time or skirt the norms of the industry. Consider the chocolate chip cookie; you can’t reinvent a cookie! But is it ok to think about it a little differently to make it our own? 

When the truck got going, one of the big issues we had was where we could prepare the food. We began searching around for a commercial kitchen to rent when we stumbled upon a listing that was just put up. “Patsy’s Pastry Pizza” was brought to our family dinner every Christmas Eve and we always loved it. When they decided to sell, I knew that this was the perfect spot for what we were trying to do; a little bistro if you will.  It’s quaint and cozy and Marina and I pretty much fell in love with it. The goal shifted from wanting to making a career solely in a food truck, to wanting to run a restaurant.  Now that we’ve been through the ups and downs of starting a restaurant, having our first child, and a global pandemic, we’ve just continued to do what we always do: grind.  We shut down the restaurant to the public and continued to hone our craft by providing “family meals,” catering, and other little events just to keep from fading away. Now that things are finally starting to come back to normal, we saw no other option than to jump back in completely.

What was a little lunch joint is evolving into so much more. We are expanding in every sense of the word; now we’re providing our “YUMMento” cheese and other salads wholesale so that even when we’re closed, they can still enjoy what we do. More importantly, we’re pushing our cuisine limits by offering dinner. The glass ceiling of being a sandwich shop is shattered and we are opening our doors to a completely different experience. A casual fine-dining experience is what we’re providing three nights a week (so far). We’ve attained our beer & wine license so that we can provide patrons with local beers, ciders & wines to go with the food that will undoubtedly blow their minds.

I truly believe our curiosity and attention to detail set us apart, and I hope after trying our food you believe the same!

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